About Us

The Journey of Open Sesame.

Our journey started almost 8 years ago when we had a small shop that was sandwiched between the butlers and had zero hopes of getting any business. Being the 4th garage door repair shop, the chances of our work getting lifted slimmed even more. Little did we knew that the motives we had were the defining character of service. That motive helped us gain fame, and here we are. The motive that we live, for now, is to provide unparalleled customer care and satisfaction. So much that the customer returns and revisits us even for the slightest of hassle regarding the garage doors.

We never fake our love for our customers, and we always provide and work wholeheartedly while making sure to never cut corners because we can never compromise on the safety of our beloved customers.

Our defining service and characters?

Our service includes all the problems and their solutions that a garage door might get you in. But that is something everyone has, why choose us then? Because we,