Garage Door Insulation Doraville GA

Garage Door Insulation Doraville GA

Look At Garage Door Insulation Doraville GA For Energy Savings In Your Home

Garage Door Insulation Doraville GA – If your garage is attached to the house, as in most cases it will be, then it is more than likely that the state of insulation of the garage, its walls, floors and doors will have some influence on the climate control equipment that you have installed in your Doraville, GA home and the energy it consumes. While insulation of the floor and walls are basically taken care of by the material that is used in their construction, and to which you can always add, garage doors do make for the vulnerability of the garage and may often need proper insulation.

A door on an attached garage which has one or more walls common to the house can be a weak link in the thermal envelope of a home. Garage doors are constantly being opened and closed throughout the day and they will expose the garage to the weather outside. The garage doors have areas are always fairly large, this does affect the weather in the garage and through the common walls, and probably a connecting door, also have some effect on the house.

For garage door insulation Doraville GA, you can always install insulation in the form of standard batts on the inside of the door. You can also spray foam insulation on it. But the constant movement required of garage doors does not allow this form of insulation to last long, and they will flake, get detached from the door, and you will have just spent some money that is not giving you the value you expect from it.

A far better solution is to buy garage doors from agencies that are into garage door insulation Doraville GA, as they will be able to give you doors that are already insulated during their manufacture. These can be fiber glass doors with foam cores, or steel doors with similar insulation in the core. If you do not fancy replacing your garage doors (costs can be substantial) you can always ask them to modify the door, so that any insulation is effective and will serve the purpose and still be durable.

While you are looking at the insulation on your garage door, it also makes sense to look at the rest of the garage, and how effective it is in preventing heat loos or gain for your house. If your garage is a single story affair, its roof is a point of vulnerability and will get hot or cold depending on the weather outside, and this can affect temperatures in the garage substantially, and convert it into a hot box that gives of heat, or a cold box that reduces temperatures inside the house it is attached to. So insulating the roof of the garage makes good sense. Make sure that the wall which is connected to the garage is also properly insulated.

A good garage door insulation Doraville GA provider will survey the garage, the way it is attached to the house, and its roof and floors, before giving you any quote for new insulated doors, or insulating existing ones. He will do this, because these are factors that influence temperatures in homes, and if they are not taken care of simultaneously, can render any insulated garage door, ineffective. They will then be blamed for this, and this could lead to unnecessary disputes, while actually it is not their insulated garage door but other factors that are leading to the supposed ineffectiveness of insulation.

All these factors are equally important if not more so, if your garage is detached and you are still looking for a garage that is energy efficient, because you still want it to have climate control, as you spend a fair bit of time in it. A well insulated garage door can keep garage space 12 degrees warmer in winter, and 25 degrees cooler in summer.

Once you have looked at all the aspects of insulation for your garage, also look at the frequency of opening and the time the door takes to close or open. This can also have an effect on the temperatures inside garages, as garage doors are quite big in size, and when they are open it is almost as if you have opened one full side of the garage.

Garage Door Insulation Doraville GA
Garage Door Insulation Doraville GA

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