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Garage Door Services

Amazing Article About Garage Door Services

Garage Door Services – Jammed garage doors can create an opening for intruders to steal your beloved car away. Instead of risking your car’s safety, call a professional who will not only repair your garage door but will also maintain it every year. Open Sesame Garage Doors is the most reliable company when you think of repairing, installing, or maintaining garage doors. Our years of experience in this field allow us to quickly identify the problem with your garage door and come up with a solution soon.

Types of services

We cover almost all types of services that come to your mind regarding garage doors.

  1. 24 x 7 emergency services

You never know when your garage door breaks down. The worst part is when you see a damaged door in the morning right before you go out to work. Don’t worry about the time. We work round the clock to make sure that your garage door and the car remains safe. You can call us any time you want, and one of our experts will reach your location at the earliest.

  1. Maintenance plan

Believe it or not, your garage door requires yearly maintenance. It keeps the door free from sudden problems like broken hinges, faulty remotes, and broken sliders. Again, Open Sesame is here to take care of the maintenance work. We inspect your garage door thoroughly after paying a visit. Our expert notes down all the areas that may cause problems later. He will fix those problems and ensure that you don’t have to pay a huge service charge or maybe replace the door altogether.

  1. Weather seal replacement

The weather seal in your garage door won’t last for a lifetime. It will eventually come off. And when it does, the garage door won’t lock properly. Call us, and we will arrive at your location to replace the weather seal. Compromised weather seals may allow water to seep into the garage after a heavy downpour. Contact us before that happens.

  1. Panel replacement

A panel is one of the essential parts of a garage door. Replacing it requires time and concentration. But our experts try to finish the job within the same day. They come with state of the art tools and machines to make sure that the new panel fits in the old door properly and the garage door becomes operational before leaving.

  1. Garage door replacement

Sometimes there is no other option but to replace the garage door altogether. It may break down over time, or extreme weather conditions may damage it in such a way that repairing it is more expensive than replacing the door. We will take your old door measurements and install a new one within a few days in such cases.

  1. Garage door tracks and rollers

Some of the new garage doors open when you slide one of the panels sideways. These doors run on tracks with rollers fitted at the bottom. While the doors are easy to open, the tracks and rollers may give way after a few years. Dents on the track and rust on the rollers may jam the door and prevent it from opening. One of our experts will look into the severity of the problem and then decide whether to change the track and rollers or repair them.

  1. Garage door springs and parts

Garage doors consist of highly-coiled springs that help the garage door to roll up and stay in its place. But they eventually gather rust due to the varying weather conditions. You will notice that once the door goes up, it doesn’t come down easily. It also makes creaking noise. We can change the springs and the parts associated with it to make the door work like before.

In addition to these services, we also take care of garage door openers, garage door cables, and keypads, wall consoles, and garage remotes.

Why hire Open Sesame?

Servicing garage doors require concentration, precision, and experience. And we excel in these three categories. With experienced experts by our side using the latest tools, we assure you that you don’t have to worry about your garage door any time soon. Call us at (770) 631-5907 today so that we can inspect your garage door right away.

Garage Door Services
Garage Door Services

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