The Best Garage Door Repair in Atlanta

The Best Garage Door Repair in Atlanta

Your garage door won’t last forever. It will encounter some problem sooner or later, and you need to decide whether you want to repair or replace the door. But if you are not sure what to do, allow a professional to decide what’s best, depending on the door’s condition. A damaged garage door doesn’t necessarily mean you must replace it. Sometimes, it can be a couple of small parts that cause the problem. But unless an expert inspects the door, you can’t be sure what’s the right solution.

Garage door repair

Your garage door may start acting up due to many reasons, such as worn-out springs, bad weather conditions, misalignment of the panels, or broken weather seals. Let the expert take a look and decide what type of repair the door requires. Here are some of the repair services that you can expect:

  1. Broken cables and tension spring

Springs and cables may look small, but they are crucial for the smooth opening and closing of the garage door. Regular wear and tear and extreme weather conditions can take a toll on these parts. Once they stop working, your garage door won’t move an inch. It will make screeching sounds if you try to open it forcefully. An expert will inspect the cables and springs and may decide to replace them. Sometimes, replacing the spring is enough to fix the door. It usually takes a few minutes, and your garage door will work like normal within the same day.

  1. Aligning garage door panels to the track

A few garage doors have panels that slide open sideways. These panels run on metal tracks. People choose this type of door because it is convenient to open and close the garage. Most importantly, there are no springs or cables involved. But the metal track may have alignment problems after a few years. Opening and closing the panels may sometimes cause the rollers to chip the track or dent it accidentally.

The garage door specialist will come equipped with the necessary tools to align the track back to its original position. He will test multiple times whether the panels are sliding properly or not. You may want to try to fix the track alone, but you shouldn’t. First of all, you don’t have the right tools. Secondly, you don’t have experience in repairing garage doors. You may end up damaging the door further if you try to shove the door open.

Apart from aligning the track to the panels, the expert will also clean the dust accumulated on the rollers. Sometimes rust can build up underneath the rollers’ surface, and it jams the panels on the track. The expert will use cleaning solutions to get rid of the rust and dust. He will also use grease or lubricant on the rollers and track to allow them to open and close the panels easily.

  1. Remote repairs

A few modern-day garage doors come with remotes. You can open and close the door from a distance without going out to physically do the same thing. These remotes work on binary codes. And these codes may interfere with each other, leading to the remote not working when you press the open or close button. A technician can come over and reprogram the remote. This is a common problem among car owners who have garages with automated doors that run on remote controls.

  1. Maintenance service

Just like you occasionally send your car for servicing, your garage door also needs maintenance service once in a while. This allows the door to work properly all the time and not surprise you by not opening one fine morning. It’s surprising that there are nearly 300 parts that operate in tandem to open or close a garage door. And the door may stop working if any one or two parts don’t function.

Maintenance service is crucial to keep the door working normally for years. You also don’t have to worry about replacing it because there are fewer risks of the door breaking down suddenly.

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The Best Garage Door Repair in Atlanta
The Best Garage Door Repair in Atlanta

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